We're Proud to Announce our First Swarf Pick-up!

We're Proud to Announce our First Swarf Pick-up!

Today, March 17th, 2022, marks our first ever Swarf Pickup. We’ve been collecting for some time now and we sent out 40 Gaylords of compacted swarf to be recycled today. It’s been two weeks since we completed our goal of 40 Gaylords, and we’ve been waiting with excitement for the semi to arrive!

Some stats:

  • We installed the Filtertech, swarf management machine in September of 2020.
    • This machine was the first step of many that allowed us to recycle the excess material. Once the swarf is compacted, it's dry, a requirement of this process. Prior to the machine being up and running we were searching for a company to partner with, and this took some time!
  • By November of 2021, we were set up with a company called DEVCO and were able to start collecting the byproduct.
    • This was another big step. Literally. We were tasked with filling and warehousing 40 Gaylords of swarf before they would send a semi for pick-up. An important note - a standard Gaylord is 48" x 40" x 36", which meant an on-site expansion! We quickly built another outbuilding to ensure we had space to house all of this product!
    • By November 23, we collected our first two Gaylords.
  • How many do we collect a week you ask?
    • We fill 3 to 4 Gaylords weekly and are proud to save not only a large volume of plastic garbage bags the swarf used to fill but such a significant volume of compacted excess plastic from going into a landfill.

We’re thrilled about the positive impact we’ve made not only on production (less handling of the product and cleaning out filters) but the environment too. We’re proud to be partnered with DEVCO on a project that means a lot to us. DEVCO is a leader in sustainability, reduction of carbon footprint, and optimizing the use of recovered resources. To learn more about how they repurpose our waste, visit their website here: https://www.devcoservices.com/.

Cheers to going green on St. Patrick's Day!