Zeiss Trial Program: Free Zeiss Individual Lenses

Order a ZEISS Individual® 2 progressive or ZEISS Individual SV lenses with AR, and full cost of the order will be credited to you.*
Cherry Optical, Inc and ZEISS Vision Care are excited to announce the details on a wearer trial program. We have had great success and learned a lot through these test programs and are anticipating great results with ZEISS. The ZEISS trial program will allow all those selected to try a ZEISS Individual 2 or ZEISS Individual SV lens in a non-polarized material with anti-reflective treatment. *The program is pretty simple; place your personal order referencing the trial program and you’ll receive your lenses with a survey. Wear them for a handful of days and then complete the survey within two weeks to receive the credit against your order for the entire cost. Ding! ZEISS, a technology leader in the optical industry, has a long history in optical. The ZEISS brand gets favorable reviews in the consumer optics category and we feel confident that you’ll be pleased with the performance of the customized lenses. Thank you for considering your participation in our trial offer. Please note, this trial offer is intended for our Eye Care Professionals, not patients. Cherry Optical, Inc proudly manufactures the entire portfolio of Zeiss Individual freeform designs on-site. Cherry Optical, Inc is committed to delivering a product that will work for a lifetime and your feedback helps us attain those goals.

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