#TheMoreYouKnow – Cherry’s Frame Condition Assessment

#TheMoreYouKnow – Cherry’s Frame Condition Assessment

#TheMoreYouKnow – Cherry’s Frame Condition Assessment

Frame condition assessment is a standard process at Cherry, as the condition of the frame (new or used) will determine the quality of the finished product. What are the types of things we’re reviewing the eyewear for? Great question! We’re inspecting the frames for cracks, rolled edges, loose solder points, and general wear and tear that could impact the integrity of the frame.

We Need Your Help

This is where you come in! When sending a patient's own frame, please include the frame condition in the "Special Instructions" with your lens order. Examples of helpful information we are asking you to include missing gems, rolled eye wires, chipped paint, minor cracks, or known defects from wear and tear. By sharing what you’ve already identified about the frame’s condition, you are actively helping to reduce delays in lens processing, which ensures your patient a quick turnaround time.

Steps We’re Taking at the Lab

To pass along findings discovered at the Lab, we will share high-resolution images so together we can make an informed decision on how to move forward with the order. We assure you that we will provide all necessary care to ensure a successful outcome. We’re confident that opening a proactive line of communication will ensure we’re better serving you and your patients. Our goal will remain to provide the best possible outcome on every order.

Here's a list of ways we can share photos and have a conversation:

  • SpecCheck
  • Slack
  • Email

If you have questions please contact our Happy Humans at the Lab here: 920.469.2559. They’re standing by to assist you!

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