Slit Lamp Contamination Shield & NEW! Anti-fog 1 oz Spray

Slit Lamp Contamination Shield & NEW! Anti-fog 1 oz Spray

Slit Lamp Breath/Cross Contamination Shield

Universal Slit Lamp Breath Shield for use with any slit lamp. Fits over oculars on any model slit lamp. Please check the image for dimensions.

  • Material: Non-fragile PETG
  • Thin, but flexible and not fragile.
  • Safe to use with alcohol-based disinfectants

Slit Lamp Cross Contamination Shield is a clear plastic barrier to block transfer between patient and doctor.

A must-have accessory that makes your workplace safer and will last for years.

The Shield is easy to install and remove. It comes with a protective covering. The slit lamp breath shields are clear, please remove the protective film from both sides.

Cleaning instructions for PETG slit lamp breath shield:

Use mild soap or detergent and plenty of lukewarm water. Use a clean soft cloth, applying only light pressure. Rinse with clear water and dry by blotting with a damp cloth.

For disinfection use 3% hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol is safe to use. Grease or oil may be removed with kerosene.

Do Not Use: window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds, or solvents. Damage may occur.

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NEW! 1 oz Anti-Fog Spray!

  • Effective on eyeglasses, protective goggles or face shields to eliminate fog due to heat, cold or high-humidity, Liquid solution delivers fog-free performance w/just one spray
  • The silicone-free formulation goes on clear; no haze
  • Conveniently sized to fit in purse, backpack, briefcase or gym bag
  • Each 1oz bottle good for 300 sprays
  • Also available in a kit which includes 1oz anti-fog spray bottle, microfiber cloth, and vinyl pouch

We know how annoying, tough, or even dangerous it can be when eyeglasses, protective goggles, or face shields fog due to heat, cold, or high-humidity. Formulated to prevent fog on the toughest lenses, such as anti-glare lenses, Clarity Defog It cloths earn the highest ratings with athletes, military personnel, safety professionals, and, quite simply, the everyday consumer. These multi-use cloths are very affordable and they get the job done without harming your lenses.

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