Re-Engineering & Renovation - AR Lab Expansion

Re-Engineering & Renovation - AR Lab Expansion

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There’s a lot to be done to create the transition from a modern Lab to a future Laboratory. The success we’ve experienced enables us to answer our innate calling to improve where we are and to get ready for the next level. Ultimately, this motivation allows us to continue renovating and expanding. We believe in constantly innovating and creating the best proficiency in our processes to continue our future Lab trajectory. Expansions also allow for increasing efficiency and improving workflow while boosting our throughput and capacity.

We’re excited to have yet another major expansion at the Coating Lab. This buildout is the 5th expansion we’ve sustained at the Coating Facility since opening in 2012. We are adding 625 sq. ft. to the Dip Coating Lab to house our 2nd D645 Dip Coater and 900 sq. ft. to the front of the building to relocate the AR chamber prep area and spare parts storage.

Although this may seem like a minor project, especially compared to a few of our previous longer-term expansions, it’s rather complex as we must continue running production AND maintain our strict cleanroom standards. On top of this, a clean environment requires a precise temperature and relative humidity to maintain consistency when applying scratch and anti-reflective coatings.

Bayland Construction, a highly respected building firm in Wisconsin, has been along for the ride with Cherry since our initial additions. We continue to task them with near-impossible builds, and they just continue to blow it out of the water and repeatedly prove to us their skills and abilities to accomplish our critical list of requirements. It takes lots of diligent planning for both parties to maintain our high production levels while adding on – it requires lots of temporary walls, a great deal of synchronicity, and good communication between departments.

Adding another D645 Dip Coater will allow us to continue production when regular maintenance is required, and it’s projected to increase our throughput and capacity. This expansion is essential for us to achieve our goals and directly improves our turnaround time for you and your patients. We can’t wait for this expansion to be complete.

Ryan Vande Walle

Director of AR Lab