Horizons Optical l Cherry Optical Lab

Horizons Optical l  Cherry Optical Lab

OCTOBER 17. 2023


CHERRY OPTICAL LAB – Green Bay, WI, USA announces that Horizons Optical, an ophthalmic technology company based in Barcelona, Spain, is, from now on, a strategic partner in technology providing disruptive and differentiated solutions within the optical ophthalmic industry. Horizons Optical is the visionary behind unique innovations in the field of progressive lens surfaces, anti-reflective coatings, and revolutionary retail solutions.

“We are firmly convinced that strategic partnership with Cherry Optical Lab accelerates the implementation of new technologies in the US market oriented towards a better quality of optical solutions and service,” said Santiago Soler, CEO of Horizons Optical. “Horizons Optical aims to deliver a better vision to society in combination with an exciting in-store experience, and we are confident that Cherry Optical Lab is the perfect partner thanks to their commitment to optical quality, customer focus, and strategic vision.”

As President of Cherry Optical Lab, I am personally excited about this partnership, having witnessed the advanced technologies of Horizons in action earlier this year. We are committed to being a part of Horizons’ dynamic and future-oriented vision and are eager to provide Eye Care Professionals with innovative solutions from an independent partner. Their new technology and products, such as the ThinMax lenses and Horizons’ patented gaze dynamics technology called mimesys, which uses virtual technology and AI, will revolutionize the industry. We are sincerely interested in the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. Please do not hesitate to contact Cherry Optical Lab to learn more about these new products and how we can help you take your practice to the next level.

About Horizons Optical

Founded in 2016, Horizons Optical is a company focused on R&D+i whose mission is the development and international distribution of technologies aimed at the ophthalmic industry, always with a clear, innovative approach. Horizons offers differentiated lab and retail solutions such as cutting-edge free-form designs, anti-reflective coatings, and innovative retail tools intended to revolutionize the shopping experience and processes in the optical store. Horizons is working to become a leading company in technological solutions at an international scale, helping clients to provide disruptive solutions to the optical industry accompanied by a complete package of services to assure quality products. This is evidenced by its global presence in Europe, USA, Asia, LATAM, Brazil & Africa, and several international patents that prove the quality and originality of the innovation that the multidisciplinary team at Horizons provides.

About Cherry

Founded by Joe and Lynn Cherry in 1999, COL continues to serve you independently under the ownership of its co-founders and current president, Adam Cherry. A leader in innovation, technology, high-quality finished products, tight standards, and skilled artisans, Cherry urges you to try their Lab and “See the Difference.” Their work is backed by an industry-first, no fine print, truly unlimited warranty policy.

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Adam Cherry – President

Cherry Optical Lab



Santiago Soler - CEO

Horizons Optical



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