Elevated Surfacing Levels – Get to Know Kimberly, One of Our Newest Surfacing Technicians

I, Kimberly, have worked in optical production, specifically surfacing, for just over three years. Four months ago, I was lucky enough to land an interview at Cherry Optical, Inc. Walking through the lab was something of a dream. I’d worked in two optical labs prior, one in Minnesota and another in Wisconsin, and at the time I thought I’d already seen everything there was to see in optical surfacing. Boy, was I wrong! I was completely awe struck. The combination of technology and skilled craftsmanship here is astounding. We have managed to eliminate significant amounts of potential human error using technology and have streamlined the surface process to near perfection.

In the four short months since I began my career at Cherry, we’ve added an automated laser and an automated blocker. An automated blocker! This machine allows us to automate a messy and tedious task so that my teammates and I can focus on more intensive jobs. My three previous years of experience in optical was mostly centered around blocking. Now we have a machine that does that job for us. What does this mean to me personally? That's easy! Not only is our company continually expanding, so are my skills and knowledge of the field. I'm excited to see where we'll be in just another few short months. Not to mention, we have another two major tech upgrades on their way. I thoroughly enjoy learning about all of the machines that help me do my job. I certainly look forward to growing and advancing with Cherry Optical, Inc for many years to come!

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SCHNEIDER Automated Laser[/caption]

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SCHNEIDER Automated Blocker[/caption]