DoGreen Lens Material – World’s First Bio-Based High Index Material

dogreen-mr-174Here’s something a little different, new and better for the environment; Mitsui Chemical’s DoGreen MR-174 lens material is a USDA Certified Biobased Product scoring an 82% Biomass Rating. The major difference between DoGreen 1.74 and other 1.74 material is that DoGreen starts with palm oil and glycerol instead of fossil fuels and propylene. This unique chemistry delivers the world’s first bio-based material for eyeglass lenses. DoGreen 1.74 can save fossil resources and while also reducing 326kg of CO2 emissions per 100kg of 1.74 resin produced when compared to regular 1.74 material production. Rather impressive! Now, there are some things DoGreen 1.74 cannot do: DoGreen is not biodegradable and not recyclable. Keep in mind regular 1.74 materials are not biodegradable or recyclable as well. Cherry Optical, Inc offers DoGreen 1.74 in a wide variety of digital freeform lens designs. Contact Customer Service or email to learn more about DoGreen availability. Vmitsui-chemicals-logoiew more on the Development of Plant-derived High Refractive Index Lens Material "Do Green™" from Mitsui Chemicals here.